Online school for dream interpretation and exploration

Dream School courses walk you through dream interpretation as taught by Best Selling author and dream interpreter J.M. DeBord, aka "RadOwl. He teaches millions of people worldwide how to uncover the hidden meanings and messages of their dreams. Dreams are stories, and if you can analyze and understand stories, you can understand your dreams. Fun, informative, in-depth, and no prior experience with dream interpretation or dream psychology required.

Welcome to Dream School: Demystifying Dream Interpretation

Clear. Simple. Thorough..

"My two copies of J.M. DeBord’s, Dreams 1 2 3 and The Dream Interpretation Dictionary are dog eared and have been my go-to dream books ever since I discovered them. Now, with his insightful online classes chock full of easy to understand information on how to interpret dreams, I am hooked. It is one ah-ha moment after another.

Lisa Hagan, president of Lisa Hagan Books.

"These courses are really cool."

- Jessica Brown, Udemy student

"I have read MANY books about dreams and dreaming including owning several dream dictionaries. JM DeBord's The Dream Interpretation Dictionary includes so many more topics than the others that it is has become my #1 'go to' book when examining my dreams."

- Robert Sharpe, Radio Host

"One heck of a dream interpreter!"

- George Noory, Radio Host