Course intro video

The course intro video shows you where to get a copy of my Dream Interpretation Dictionary. <-- Or just use that link.

Download the .epub or PDF versions so you can search the dictionary for symbols from your dreams. Learn dream interpretation while expanding your knowledge of dream symbols.

The video also shows how to purchase a print version through the publisher and get 30% off and free shipping. Use the code: DreamSchool - Adds meat to the bones you get in my Intro to Dream Interpretation course. It's a textbook-worth of knowledge. I suggest the Cliff's Notes to get you started. - My dream interpretation blog and website.

Reddit Dreams - The largest and most popular online community for dream sharing and interpretation. I'm known as RadOwl there, and I've led that community as its main moderator since 2012.

Youtube - My channel rocks with information about dreams, including a playlist of videos from my intro course.

Finally, here's a link to my Crash Course at Amazon, in case you'd like to purchase a print version of the book.

You can skip the video now that you have the links. But there is one more thing I advise in that video...

Keep a dream journal if you're not already. Vitally important that you give dream journaling your best effort.

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